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Cash Inquiry

What is Cash Inquiry?

Cash Inquiry is your instant access to all your payment transactions and investigation cases including up to six months historical data.

Deutsche Bank's Cash Inquiry service also supports SWIFT's Global Payments Innovation Initiative (SWIFT gpi) to deliver increased transparency as well as enhanced connectivity in end-to-end payment flows.

You can access and research your payment transactions in real-time, create and monitor investigation cases and benefit from compensation calculation and quality reports.

Cash Inquiry is available at your fingertips as an App on Deutsche Bank's award-winning Autobahn App Market.

Do you wish you could have instant access to all your payment transactions online no matter which time of the day?

Cash Inquiry provides instant online access to your EUR / USD / GBP and multicurrency High Value payments and also FX4Cash and SEPA transactions.

Do you need to know the status of a payment related inquiry that you have sent to Deutsche Bank?

Cash Inquiry provides instant online access to your High Value payment investigation cases and also to FX4Cash and SEPA investigations.

Do you want to reduce the query resolution times for your payments investigation and reconciliation teams?

Cash Inquiry enables quick investigation case creation with a central access point for reconciliation that ensures your teams can continue to work on a case and view and act on the same information.

Do you need to ensure that actions on your accounts are handled according to permissions and entitlements set by you?

Cash Inquiry enables your authorized users to act on pending transactions in a quick and secure way and provides a clear audit trail with reports showing actions of each user.

Do you experience receiving client complaints about beneficiaries claiming non-receipt of funds for payments processed by you?

Through Cash Inquiry you can provide your client with immediate feedback. You can view the status of your payment, share a copy of Deutsche Bank's outgoing payment or initiate an investigation case.

Do you need instant access to SWIFT gpi Tracker information?

The SWIFT gpi tracker within Cash Inquiry is now available for high value payments (MT103) in the US and Germany.

Do you need increased transparency and enhanced connectivity in end-to-end payment flows via SWIFT gpi tracking?

The fully integrated payment tracker within the existing payment search screens allows users convenient access to download and action relevant transactions. Clients may also gain information about the position of the payment in the end-to-end processing chain (and therefore expectations about time of arrival) as well as instant status updates. Note: Only in the US and Germany.




Please click here to watch the full video about Cash Inquiry on YouTube.

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