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The Autobahn Support page is your support portal for all our Autobahn products. Download updates and find information on top issues, troubleshooting and news updates. Below are links to all available Autobahn Support material. Choose the area you wish to view and click on it.


Autobahn is Deutsche Bank's award winning family of electronic trading platforms available through a single access point and login. The installed user interface uses technology very similar to Java Web Start and the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP).

The installer for the new interface puts a private Java virtual machine onto the user's desktop, and a minimal set of components required to contact the web server. On first launch, the application downloads and caches the login application from an accessible area of the website. After successful login, the main applications are downloaded and cached from a secure area. To then launch the individual autobahn product platforms, click on the relevant icon.

On subsequent login, updates are automatically downloaded; hence there is no upgrade deployment effort after the initial installation.

System Requirements

  • Dual Core, 2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 (IE 6.x is supported)
  • Windows XP (Windows Vista supported)
  • 1024 by 768 pixels
  • Internet bandwidth of 150Kbs per user will be required (if a firewall is used it must allow HTTPS connect tunnels)


Autobahn Launcher Security Overview
Autobahn Launcher Installation Guide
Autobahn Launcher Troubleshooting Guide

Diagnostic Pages




Complete the Algorithmic Recommendation Card, Reviewing the Results.

Credit User Guide
Includes Summary, Charting & Tools.

Emerging Markets User Guide

Includes Summary, Calendar , Charting & Tools.

Equities User Guide
Includes Summary,Calendar, Charting & Tools.

Equities Pre-Trade Analytics Tool User Guide

Includes Basic Functioning, Reports & Portfolios.

European Rates User Guide

Includes Summary, Market Data, Calendar, Charting & Tools.

Foreign Exchange Cash User Guide
Includes Summary, Market Data, Calendar, Charting & Universal Tools.

Getting Started User Guide
How to Navigate around Autobahn Insight.

North American Rates User Guide

Includes Summary, Market Data, Calendar, Charting & Tools

Commodities User Guide
Includes Summary, Market Data, Calendar, Charting & Tools.

Optimizer User Guide

How to Use Optimizer, Reviewing Results.


Why do some dates appear in bold?

A date in bold indicates the first entry of that day.

Why can I see different prices from my colleagues?

Updates to certain areas of the site are made throughout the day. Refresh your browser to see the latest data.

How far back does the data go?

On the Equity Summary page, the commentary is from the last 24 hours. For all other asset classes, it is from the last 30 days.

In the Top Research ALL tab, why can't I see all of the research from the regional tabs, amalgamated into one main view?

The ALL tab in the Top Research widget only shows the top two research reports from each regional tab.

In the major indices widget, how long is the price delay?

15 minutes.

In Most Actively Searched Companies, where does the information come from?

It is based on information in the Hot Companies section of the Global Markets website (https://gm.db.com/welcome.html). However, Hot Companies does not take holidays into account - while the Most Actively Searched Companies widget does - so you may see some differences.

Are the event times in the calendars local to me?

All times are local to the event rather than the user.

In the calendars, what is the Prior figure?

This is the previous official quoted rate and is listed alongside the DB forecast, if we have one.

I can't get the details of an event from the Summary page. Where can I find this information?

Select the Multi-Day view icon or the Calendar tab.

In the Euro and North American rates calendars, why can't I open some of the calendar items?

Only events with additional comments in the rates calendars can be opened in a pop-up window. These events display a speech bubble icon.

Why can't I access the right click menu on the overview pages?

This is correct. However, you can access a time series chart if you select the price, yield, spread etc

App Market and Toolbar

Toolbar Installation Guide

Installation instructions and technical overview of the Autobahn Toolbar

Toolbar Getting Started Guide

A quick reference guide to the Autobahn Toolbar and App Market.

User Guide

Learn how to Install, Launch and Work with Toolbar. Browse, Manage & Add your Apps.

For further help with App Market (or Toolbar), please contact:

Europe: +44 207 547 3030
Americas: +1 212 250 8651
Asia: +65 6423 5660


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